El Tímpano is proud to (finally!) launch our first major report, “Más Información: An Information Needs Assessment of Latino Immigrants in Oakland, California.”

The report, published in collaboration with Internews and the Listening Post Collective, is the culmination of a collaborative research process we led to map the information needs of Oakland’s monolingual Spanish-speaking residents. Over the course of nine months, we held conversations with two dozen community leaders, facilitated a series of group workshops, and surveyed more than 250 residents to hear directly from community members about where they get news and information and what they would like to see changed in local, Spanish-language news.

Click here to read the full report. You can also download an executive summary in English or Spanish.

We’re excited to use this research, and the relationships we have developed with community leaders, organizations, and residents, to design and pilot new approaches to local news that truly serve Oakland’s Latino immigrant community. We have already presented this research to several organizations and civic leaders. If you’d like to learn more, shoot us a line at at hola@eltimpano.org.

Madeleine BairFounding Director

Madeleine Bair is an award-winning journalist and media developer, and the founder of El Tímpano. Madeleine has been carrying a microphone in her backpack since she belonged to the Oakland bureau of the...