The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism published an important and comprehensive report on The State of Latino News Media. It is an incredible honor that El Tímpano is one of five initiatives featured in a special section of the report on “Outstanding Innovation Models.”

Alongside powerhouses including Univision Digital, Radio Ambulante, el Centro de Periodismo Investigativo de Puerto Rico, and Neta, El Tímpano was recognized for its novel and creative approach to building local news, one that began without any assumptions of the information needs of our audience, but rather from a place and a process of listening.

Thank you CUNY! We are honored and humbled.

Madeleine Bair is an award-winning journalist and media developer, and the founder of El Tímpano. Madeleine has been carrying a microphone in her backpack since she belonged to the Oakland bureau of the Peabody Award-winning youth media organization, Children’s Express. As Senior Program Manager at the international nonprofit, WITNESS, she led a pioneering initiative dedicated to advancing the use of citizen video as a tool for human rights. Madeleine has taught radio production to young adults, worked on a morning show at Chicago Public Radio, and produced multimedia for Human Rights Watch. Her stories have appeared in the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, Colorlines, and Orion, and broadcast on PRI’s The World and Independent Lens. She lives with her partner and son in Oakland, where she spends her free time making mixtapes, dancing cumbia, and exploring the region on bike.